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Maritime Support Overview

Earthrace is a non-profit organization that assists government agencies in managing their fishery and maritime resources. We provide assets, personnel, and fuel, and we offer the following free services: 1) Joint training exercises with local government units. 2) Joint maritime patrols with a focus on fisheries 3) Specific conservation missions (e.g. pest eradication on remote Islands). 4) Demonstration of surveillance using Schiebel UAVs, FLIR Thermal imaging and Raymarine surveillance equipment.

At the heart of our program is a fully crewed 45m Patrol Boat (more), plus ship-borne assets (more) that are provided to governments we work with. We do not charge for our services, but we do ask government agencies to provide suitable personnel for the program, and assistance with such things as docking, airspace clearance for UAV flights, and permission to operate jointly within the country, and under specific and agreed guidelines.

Training often involves multiple agencies – In this image, Philippines Navy SEALs, BFAR (Fisheries), Bantay Dagat (Local Police) and Governor Representative all attended.

Joint Training Exercises

A large part of our program involves joint training exercises with government units involved in fisheries management. Training is customized for each unit, and run jointly to ensure we align with existing SOPs. We look for 2-way skills transfer, so that both teams benefit from improved skill sets and understanding. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we do have a competent, professional team of former military personnel, that has included operatives from US Navy SEAL Team 2 and 6, US Marines, Army Ranger Recon and SAS units. We also offer a number of assets, including the former US Navy Ship the Modoc, that is our training and patrol base-of-operations (more).

Training courses typically involve theory, followed by practical training in coastal waters.

Joint Patrols

We run joint maritime fishery patrols with government enforcement agencies, in some cases extending out to the edge of a given country’s Exclusive Economic Zone. Patrols are mostly based on our Ship the Modoc, and may be a day or two long, or up to 4 weeks – the maximum period we can remain at sea unsupported. Patrols often complement prior training, with many elements worked on during classroom and shipboard exercises, now being put into practice in coastal or offshore waters. Local authorities provide competent personnel to oversee the operation and that have jurisdiction to board and inspect vessels (more).

Former US Navy Ship the Modoc is our Base of Operations

Remote Island Missions

We sometimes undertake conservation missions to remote Atolls, Islands, Reefs or Seamounts. These are normally cases where our ship provides a Base-of-Operations. Projects may include the following:
• Coastal Cleanups and plastic removal in remote locations
• Supporting Remote Scientific Research Programs
• Pest Eradication on remote Islands
• Supply vessel for Ranger teams in remote locations
• Removal of waste / confiscated fishing gear from ranger stations

Former US Navy Ship the Modoc is our Base of Operations

Equipment Demonstrations

We have a variety of assets that some government teams wish to see demonstrated. These include the Schiebel Camcopter S-100 UAV, FLIR thermal imaging systems, and our array of Raymarine surveillance hardware. Demonstrations would normally be shipboard, and may be done in port, or heading out to nearby coastal waters. Demonstrations must be coordinated well in advance, and any government agencies interested in these should in the first instance email us. Note UAV demonstrations will require Civil Aviation Authority flight clearance, or the imposition of a temporary “restricted flight zone” around the area.

Former US Navy Ship the Modoc is our Base of Operations

Latin America Schedule

Countries to be visited in our 2019 – 2020 campaign includes Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. In addition we’ll be running various missions to remote areas including Soccorro Island (Mexico), Cocos Island (Cost Rica), Mapello Island (Colombia), Galapagos (Ecuador), Easter Island, Pitcairn Island, Tahitian Islands, and a whole range of smaller Atolls and Islands across the Pacific (More). One of the most interesting of these is Henderson Island, where we have an ambitious Island clean-up planned for early 2020 (more).

Former US Navy Ship the Modoc is our Base of Operations

Modoc: Our Base of Operations (more)

• Former US Navy and US Coastguard Cutter
• 45m in Length, 12m Beam
• Crew Complement: 25
• Training Capacity: 12 persons
• Range: 8,000nm
• 10m x 11m helipad
• Training / Briefing Room
• Raymarine Marine electronics
• Fixed mount and hand held FLIR Thermal Imaging systems
• Click here for more details

Schiebel Camcopter S-100: A formidable Surveillance Asset

Ship-borne Assets (more)

• Schiebel Camcopter S-100 UAV
• 7.4m Willard RIB
• 9m Barge
• Zodiac MilPro 470 Inflatable
• 10-ton crane
• 2m wide Longline / Net winch
• Fully Equipped Workshop
• 20 person training / briefing Room
• Dive compressor, scuba and CCR Dive Equipment
• Click here for more details

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