Help us bring Appa home

Appa during patrols in Corcovado National Park

In July 2022 we ran a campaign West of Galapagos monitoring the massive Chinese Squid fleet, but unfortunately we were unable to take Appa with us (Dogs are banned from arriving on ships in Galapagos).  For operational reasons, once the campaign was wrapped up, we had to voyage directly to Costa Rica where we have commenced fishery patrols with government Rangers.  It leaves us having to fly Appa to Costa Rica, and this is a $2,000 exercise, including flights, documents, vaccinations and permits.  Our funds are already stretched from the Squid Fleet campaign and the patrols in Costa Rica, so if you can help us with the $2k to get Appa back on jungle patrols in Costa Rica please.    There are more details on Appa HERE (but make sure you donate before going there!)

Help us stop the Illegal Pete Trade in the Amazon
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