Appa (our Anti-Poaching Dog)

Appa during patrols in Corcovado National Park

In June 2021 “Appa”, our Anti-Poaching dog broke his leg with a compound fracture. We were lucky to have Costa Rica’s top orthopedic pet surgeon operate on Appa, but the bills associated with it have been considerable. On top of this, running a professional K9 tracking Unit requires ongoing funding. Food, vet bills, registration, training items and dog accessories all add up. Appa is used in tracking people in the jungle.  This includes poachers, illegal gold miners, illegal loggers, and in rare cases, tourists or locals that get lost in the jungle. It costs a lot to run Appa and keep him in top shape. It’s worth it because he is amazing at tracking people, holding people, and making Ranger operations more effective and safer. If you can help us with this it would be greatly appreciated.     There are more details on our K9 unit HERE (but make sure you donate before going there!)

Appa during post operative care. Pins were used to hold the bones together.

Appa during his period of rehab.

Compound fracture in Appa’s leg.

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