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Earthrace is dependent on support from many sources. The images above will link you with some of these, including our Sponsors, Donors, Govt / NGO Partners, Tribe Members and Volunteers. Below are a few videos highlighting these various elements. You can support us by Donating, and also following our Social Media Platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). And make sure you Register for our E-Newsletter.

Our entire program is extremely dependent on Sponsors to make all our good stuff happen. Our original world record voyage running biodiesel, our latest boat, the SPS Modoc, and our future plans for Earthrace-2 all rely heavily on sponsored goods and services, and from a multitude of Sponsors.

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Donations play a key role in our work. The recent Amazon campaign targeting the illegal pet trade for example was over 50% funded by donations. Such campaigns are difficult to solicit directly for funds, so we rely on general donations. Payments are tax deductible in USA and New Zealand (more).

Tribe Members
The backbone of Earthrace is our Tribe who get first option on Volunteering. If you’d like to come on a future campaign, then join our tribe, support us, and be ready for the adventure of a lifetime (more).

Campaigns rely heavily on Volunteers drawn from our Tribe Members. Campaigns may have anything from 2-25 volunteers, and come from a range of backgrounds, nationalities and occupations (more).

Govt Partners
We often work with govt teams that provide legitimacy of operations, especially on fisheries enforcement or wildlife smuggling campaigns. Video above from joint fisheries campaign in Philippines. (more).

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