10-Year Reunion


Amazingly, it’s been nearly 10 years since the Earthrace team set a new world record for circling the globe by powerboat. We’ve also had so many other amazing adventures (and a few less amazing as well). Adrian, forever itching for a party, suggested we organize a banquet in UK. Paul Topley stepped in and said why not have it in Southampton, and Churches Fire will sponsor it. So in typical Earthrace style, a celebration is suddenly on the go in Southern England this summer, and anyone who’s helped Earthrace at any stage is invited. The main event is July 7-8, and includes 4 bands, DJs, campsites, party, food, drink, fun and frivolity. Below are details, which will be updated regularly as we get closer to the event.

Main Event – Firefest 2018

Event Details
When: 7-8th July
Kickoff: People can start arriving from midday
Music Starts: 2pm (7th)
Party Concludes: Midnight.
The event is being held at a farm in Hampshire. For security reasons we’re not publishing the exact location, but once you register to attend we’ll get details to you. We can tell you it is at a very cool place North of Southampton in UK.
Where to stay
People have a few options for accommodation. You can camp where the event takes place. It’s on a farm, so there is plenty of space. Then you don’t have to drive afterwards. People can start setting up campsites in the designated area on 7th at midday, and must be all cleared up by midday on Sunday (8th July). Your second option is to book accommodation in the general Basingstoke / Winchsester area in Hampshire. This is close to the event location, and minimizes travel time. At a push you could stay in Southampton, although this is a little ways from the farm. The third option is stay with friends, family, or homies living in the area.
What to bring
Camping equipment if you wish to camp
Cold weather clothes in case it gets nippy
Warm weather clothes in case summer kicks in
Food if you have any special dietary needs
Drink if you have any special requests
Cellphone in case you get lost

Who Can Attend

The event is open to any supporter
Anyone who has worked, volunteered, sponsored, crewed, helped or supported Earthrace in any way. This includes people on the following campaigns:
Earthrace Construction Crew (05-06)
NZ, USA, Canada Port Tours (06-07)
Charleston Refit (2007)
1st Record Attempt (2007)
European Port Tour (2007)
Spain Refit (07-08)
2nd Record Record Attempt (2008)
Europe, Caribbean Port Tour (08-09)
Pacific, NZ, Australia Tour (2009)
Hellensville Refit (2009)
Antarctica Campaign (2010)
Namibia Campaign (2011)
The Operatives I (2012-2013)
The Operatives II (2014-2016)
Amazon Campaign (2017)
Asia Campaign (2018)
Various other local campaigns

Reserve Your place
Anyone wishing to attend should send us an email telling us how many of you will be attending and the names of each. If we don’t have your names, security won’t let you through. Partners are welcome along as well. Send emails to pete.bethune@gmail.com

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