Below is the trailer for Season I of “The Operatives”, plus clips from all 8 episodes. Missions include shark finning, illegal gold mining, turtle poaching, illegal bottom trawling in a marine reserve and more. The bottom video is the epic pilot episode that you can watch for free.

Trailer: Season I of “The Operatives”. Missions in Africa and Central America, including the epic Seal Clubbing campaign in Namibia.

Episode 1: Former SAS Operator Damien Mander explains how crazy it is to sneak into a heavily-guarded diamond mine in Africa.

Episode 1: One of most dangerous missions, Pete and Jack swim through a great white hunting ground at night to covertly enter a diamond mine.

Episode 1: Covertly filming the seal clubbing in a heavily guarded De Beers diamond mine in Africa. The clubbers head straight to where Pete and Jack are hiding.

Episode 2: Launching an Israeli Skylark military drone in Costa Rica, but it comes crashing down to the ground after a failed takeoff.

Episode 2: Flying a military drone with thermal imaging, we catch a vessel bottom-trawling illegally in a Marine Protected Area.

Episode 2: We catch a vessel bottom-trawling illegally in a Marine Protected Area, and are amazed when we see who the Captain is.

Episode 3: We discover an Illegal Gold Mining camp in a National Park in Costa Rica. Rubbish and Chemicals scattered everywhere.

Episode 3: Taking off on the crazy Paramotor, Bryce powers on, only to come crashing down in a heap.

Episode 3: At the end of a reconnaissance mission, we suddenly come under gunfire from an illegal miner fleeing in the jungle.

Episode 4: Destroying an illegal miners camp and we discover an endangered agouti (protected animal) cooking on the fire.

Episode 4: Flying the Paramotor above a National Park, and the motor suddenly coughs and stops running. “Mayday Mayday Mayday”.

Episode 4: Team rappel into a remote jungle in Costa Rica, hunting illegal gold miners who are thought to be operating in the area.

Episode 4: Team comes under gunfire chasing illegal gold miners in the Jungle. Amazingly, one of the gold miners captured turns out to be an former MINAE Ranger.

Episode 5: We catch a poacher stealing the eggs from under a turtle as she lays them. The poacher claimed he was rescuing them!!!

Episode 5: We build a turtle hatchery to protect the thousands of turtle eggs we were rescuing. We thought is was a one hour job… Little did we know.

Episode 5: We rescued turtle eggs from the beach before they got taken by poachers. We put them in our hatchery. And 60 days later we got to release baby turtles. Epic.

Episode 5: Matt has been scouting the beach all nite looking for the poacher that had been raiding turtle nests. Just on day break he spots the poacher off in the distance.

Episode 5: We got intel of a beach with turtle nest poaching. The lads end up catching turtle volunteers that are rescuing the eggs! Not all HUMINT is reliable.

Episode 6: Captain Bethune goes missing at sea, and a Search & Rescue mission is mounted. Finding a bloke in the middle of the ocean at night… Almost impossible.

Episode 7: The team covertly boards 2 suspected shark finning boats in Punta Arenas, and place satellite trackers on their mastheads.

Episode 8: We have covert satellite trackers aboard suspected illegal shark finning vessels, but we could not have predicted where they were about to head.

Episode 8: The team heads away on a crazy 300 mile voyage in a tiny little Sealegs Amphib. Our fuel gets contaominated, and from there things just go from bad to worse.

Episode 8: In our final Season I mission, we bust 7 boats fishing illegally in the Cocos Island. Prosecution simply requires video evidence of their presence in the MPA.

Above is the epic Pilot Episode that exposed the brutal Namibian Seal Clubbing. Watch it in its entirety and for free.

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