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While Earthrace is a conservation organization, we do sometimes run animal welfare missions. Two of these are presented below – The first involves the attempted capture and release of an illegally held dolphin, while the second involves covertly filming the barbaric seal clubbing in Namibia. Both missions became standout episodes in our TV Show, and you can watch them in full and free below. Both seasons of the show can be purchased here. There is also a playlist of many of our Animal Welfare videos.

In our most recent animal welfare mission, we learned of a dolphin that was being held illegally in an island resort in Indonesia. Our team entered the facility in the middle of the night, with the intention of rescuing her, taking her to an offshore island where she could be rehabilitated back to health, then all going well, releasing her back into the wild. What could possibly go wrong? Well lots really! Above is a short clip from the mission, and the full episode is available for free below.

In our first mission after the Antarctica campaign, we were dropped by zodiac a few miles offshore from an active African diamond mine. The team swims into one of the most heavily guarded places in Africa, and over the next 4 days, attempts desperately to film the barbaric seal clubbing without being detected by security forces. Above is a short clip from the mission, and the full episode is available for free below.

Earthrace has undertaken over a hundred conservation missions over the last few years. Of these, the mission above is the one we are proudest of. There is a just a hand-full of people on the planet that have successfully rescued and released a captive dolphin – With this mission we joined the elite group. Such covert campaigns are impossible to solicit publicly for funds. We rely instead on general donations and our tribe to support such activity. If you think a team that has successfully rescued and rehabilitated a dolphin is worthy of your support, please consider making a donation, or better still, joining our tribe. And make sure you watch the episode

In 2012, we assembled our team of former military operatives to undertake our first real hard-core conservation mission, and we had little idea of the harrowing journey that lay before us. What happened over the following month was one of the most extraordinary pieces of our history that we still struggle to explain. The team landed in Africa lacking the $100k to complete the mission. Amazingly, on the same day, Captain Bethune sold the movie rights to his book (Whale Warrior), without which our young NGO would likely have folded and faded away. Funds in hand, we trained over the following week, only to discover another NGO had just unsuccessfully attempted the exact same mission, and had been chased out of Namibia. Military and Police flooded the area, and our mission became almost impossible. Despite all this, the team persevered and went ahead, in one of the most daring conservation missions ever attempted. Above is the story, in full, and free, of what really happened. If you’d like to support a team that delivers on really challenging conservation missions like this, then please donate or join our tribe.

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