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Fishing Patrols

We have agreements with the Costa Rican and Panamanian Environment Ministries to support their efforts in protecting Marine National Parks.   We provide crew, and various assets, while the government provides Park Rangers to oversee operations. The assets we provide include our 45m ship7.4m Rigid Inflatable Boat4.7m ZodiacUAVs, and K9 Search-and-Rescue team.  Our ship serves as a Base of Operations. 

  • Goverment

    PNA & CRI

  • Category


  • Duration

    2020 - Now

Meet the Crew

captain pete bethune earthrace conservation modoc

Captain Pete Bethune

Founder & Dircetor (NZL)

Sebastian Berger


Cliff Ochser

Directror – Costa Rica Operations (USA)


Anti-Poaching-Dog (USA)

Mohith Kumar

Director – Global Partnerships & Asset Dev. (CAN)

Jean-Pierre Rouja

Director - Campaigns (BMU)

Valérie Ciancia

EU Legal Counsel (FRA)

gina bryant earhtrace conservation director board usa

Gina Theodore Bryant

Director - Earthrace Conservation USA

Chris Wade

Director - Earthrace Conservation USA

Wildlife Smuggling

Our team closed 2 wildlife smuggling rings in Asia – One was trafficking critically endangered pangolin to China, while the second was smuggling endangered forest turtles. Our recent campaign in the Amazon has seen us targeting the illegal pet trade. It is possible to buy almost any wild Amazonian animal as a pet, including monkeys, snakes, puma etc. Our team will be returning to the Amazon soon to continue this campaign, and our goal will be to close down more illegal wildlife smuggling operations. Below are a selection of videos from these and other successful missions. 

  • Goverment

    VNM & BRA

  • Category


  • Animals saved

    Pangolin & Monkey

  • Duration

    2020 - 2021


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