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“The Operatives” is an eighteen-episode TV Series (2 seasons) that follows Captain Pete Bethune and his team of hand-picked military elite. With the latest technical equipment and life-threatening missions, the team travels through Africa, Central America and Asia capturing environmental criminals who are destroying our world. There is no absence of challenges during the campaign – Boats are sabotaged, equipment is smashed and the team is crippled by an injury toll which leaves only a few standing. It’s ‘James Bond’ meets ‘Captain Planet’ as the world’s most hard-core team of conservationists push themselves and their equipment to the very limit. Images above can take you to Season 1, Season 2, behind the scenes, and team member profiles. Below are trailers, as well as the full pilot episode. A list of our networks is at the bottom of this page.

This is the original trailer we made for the show. On completion, we still didn’t have a single network signed up, and our team had loaned a fortune to make the show happen. Our team went to MIP (buyers / sellers market for TV shows) in Cannes (France), armed with just this trailer and some enthusiasm.

For the second season of filming our show, we had pre-sales into a number of territories, including the US. Our network there wanted greater involvement, and one of their contributions was the trailer above – a pretty awesome video that made use of much of our footage from Asia.

In 2012, we assembled our team of former military operatives to undertake our first real hard-core conservation mission, and we had little idea of the harrowing journey that lay before us. What happened over the following month was one of the most extraordinary pieces of our history that we still struggle to explain. The team landed in Africa lacking the $100k to complete the mission. Amazingly, on the same day, Captain Bethune sold the movie rights to his book (Whale Warrior), without which our young NGO would likely have folded and faded away. Funds in hand, we trained over the following week, only to discover another NGO had just unsuccessfully attempted the exact same mission, and had been chased out of Namibia. Military and Police flooded the area, and our mission became almost impossible. Despite all this, the team persevered and went ahead, in one of the most daring conservation missions ever attempted. Above is the story, in full, and free, of what really happened. If you’d like to support a team that delivers on really challenging conservation missions like this, then please donate or join our tribe.

“The Operatives has aired in 90 countries. Check the list below (alphabetical order) for what network carries the show in your country.

Algeria – Discovery, Angola – Multicanal, Bahrain – Discovery, Belgium – 2BE (Medialaan), Benin – Multicanal, Botswana – Multicanal, Brazil – Globalsat, Burkina Faso – Multicanal – Iberia, Burundi – Multicanal – Iberia, Cameroon – Multicanal – Iberia, Cape Verde – Multicanal – Iberia, Central African Republic – Multicanal – Iberia, Chad – Discovery, Comoros – Multicanal Iberia, China – Lens Media, Cote d’Ivoire – Multicanal – Iberia, Congo – Multicanal, Egypt – Discovery, Equatorial Guinea – Multicanal – Iberia, Eritrea – Multicanal – Iberia, Estonia – Kanal 2,Ethiopia – Discovery, Gabon – Multicanal – Iberia, Gambia – Multicanal – Iberia, Germany – RTL, Ghana – Multicanal – Iberia, Guinea – Multicanal – Iberia, Guinea-Bissau – Multicanal – Iberia, Iran – Discovery, Iraq – Discovery, Italy – Mediaset, Jordan – Discovery, Kenya – Multicanal – Iberia, Kuwait – Discovery, Lebanon – Discovery, Lesotho – Multicanal – Iberia, Liberia – Multicanal – Iberia, Libya – Discovery, Madagascar – Multicanal – Iberia, Malawi – Multicanal – Iberia, Mali – Multicanal – Iberia, Mauritania – Discovery, Mauritius – Multicanal – Iberia, Mayotte – Multicanal – Iberia,Morocco – Discovery, Mozambique – Multicanal – Iberia, Namibia – Multicanal – Iberia, New Zealand – TV1 + Choice TV, Niger – Multicanal – Iberia, Nigeria – Multicanal – Iberia, Poland – Discovery, Portugal – Movistar, Oman – Discovery, Qatar – Discovery, Reunion – Multicanal – Iberia, Russia – Sony Pictures, Rwanda – Multicanal – Iberia, St Helena – Multicanal – Iberia, Sao Tome and Principe – Multicanal – Iberia, Saudi Arabia – Discovery, Senegal – Multicanal – Iberia, Seychelles – Multicanal – Iberia, Sierra Leone – Multicanal – Iberia, Somalia – Multicanal – Iberia, Spain – Odisea, Sudan – Multicanal – Iberia, Swaziland – Multicanal – Iberia, Syria – Discovery, Tunisia – Discovery, Tanzania – Multicanal – Iberia, Togo – Multicanal – Iberia, Uganda – Multicanal – Iberia, United Arab Emirates – Discovery, United Kingdom – SSVC, United States – Pivot, West Bank and Gaza Strip – Discovery, Yemen – Discovery, Zambia – Multicanal – Iberia, Zimbabwe – Multicanal – Iberia

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