Habitat Destruction

Our Habitat missions have focused on stopping illegal mining and illegal logging. We were privileged to work in Costa Rica’s famous Corcovado National Park with their government Rangers (MINAE). We trained the local team on rappel operations (effectively abseiling from a helicopter). We flew reconnaissance missions over the jungle, locating a number of sites where we suspected there was illegal gold mining activity. We split into 3 teams, and were successful in closing 2 illegal gold mining operations. Such missions are high-risk – Twice our teams came under gunfire from fleeing gold miners. Not all missions result in arrests. In Sumatra, the illegal logging industry is aided by corrupt officials and lax government departments. Despite several efforts, we failed to get any interest from their government in tackling the rampant logging operations through their national parks. We decided instead to expose what was going on, and produced 2 compelling episodes of television showing illegal logging in both Sembilang and Dangkhu National Parks. Below are some videos from these and other missions. There are more videos on our YouTube channel.

Video above shows the chase of illegal gold miners, who opened fire on our team as they ran through the jungle. Amazingly, one of the miners arrested turned out to be a former MINAE ranger who just a few years earlier had been patrolling this very jungle.

Video from illegal logging mission in South Sumatra, where we hiked for days through one of the most difficult swamps on the planet. We could hear chainsaws off in the distance. This mission was run to expose the illegal logging, rather than making arrests.

The links between deforestation and orphaned Orangutan is well established. This amazing NGO in Borneo works with orphan and injured Orangutan and nurtures them for release back into the wild.

Palm oil consumption is the leading driver of deforestation. Our 2 TV episodes on illegal logging educated the public that we, as consumers, play a part through our purchases of palm-oil derived products. In the mission above we exposed illegal logging inside a National Park.

The animal hardest hit by deforestation in Asia is the Orangutan. Populations of this iconic species have plummeted as its habitat has disappeared through both legal and illegal logging. In one logging episode, we covered an NGO that rehabilitates orangutan (mostly babies) and re-introduces them back into the wild.

Our first patrol in Corcovado National Park was grueling, and the team covered an enormous distance over some of the world’s most hostile terrain. It wasn’t until the last day that our team stumbled upon an illegal miner, who again opened fire as he fled into the jungle. In this case the miner was captured and arrested.

Video above was edited by Pivot (our US network). It is a trailer for Season 2 of our TV show, and has many clips taken from our illegal logging missions.

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