Below is the trailer for Season II of “The Operatives”, plus clips from all 10 episodes. Missions include wildlife smuggling, rhino poaching, illegal logging, dynamite fishing and more. The bottom video is the epic Dolphin Rescue mission that you can watch for free.

Trailer: Season II of “The Operatives”. Missions all in Asia, including the epic Dolphin Rescue mission.

Episode 1: Former French SAS Operator Stéphan has his heart broken by a Sunbear in the circus.

Episode 1: The team check out the security of a facility with captive animals and several Dolphin.

Episode 1: We enter into the pool where a dolphin in being illegally held, however catching her is no easy task.

Episode 1: After a jaw-dropping mission that pushed us all, we finally get to release a dolphin that had been held illegally.

Episode 2: Turtles confiscated from a wildlife trader in the Philippines, including a number with the carapace (shell) removed.

Episode 2: After a over a month of surveillance, we finally go in and bust the turtle smugglers.

Episode 3: Our warehouse surveillance operation is severely compromised when Phil gets caught doing sketchy stuff.

Episode 3: Navy Seal sneaks onto a ship suspected of trafficking wildlife. One of most daring missions ever attempted.

Episode 4: We travel to Vietnam to discover where a large proportion of endangered wildlife is trafficked to.

Episode 4: We execute a search warrant and rescue one of the world’s most endangered animals.

Episode 4: We get to release a live Pangolin that we had rescued from wildlife traffickers.

Episode 5: We meet a tribe of dispossessed people that went from living in the jungle to living in palm plantation.

Episode 5: We meet a team rescuing baby Orangutan and rehabilitating them back to health.

Episode 5: We expose illegal logging operation deep inside the Dangkhu National Park in Sumatra.

Episode 6: Flying our drone over sawmills suspected of processing illegally harvested tropical timbers.

Episode 6: Come meet the World’s most famous Orangutan that everyone thought was going to die.

Episode 6: We expose a second illegal logging operation, this one in the iconic Sembilang National Park.

Episode 7: The Sumatran Rhino has never been bred in captivity – Until now. There is now hope for this species.

Episode 7: Heartbreak for our team while on Anti-Poaching patrols in the Leuser jungle (Indonesia).

Episode 7: Anti-Poaching is hard work – Long hard days clocking up miles and in snake, mosquito, Leech infested jungles.

Episode 8: One of the most destructive forms of fishing is with explosives. But the bombs are cheap and easy to make.

Episode 8: Catching turtles in the Philippines at the iconic Tubbataha Marine Protected Area.

Episode 8: Cyanide fishing has become rampant in many areas of Asia. Today we go chasing the cyanide fishermen.

Episode 9: A tiger takes up residence in an Indian village. Locals of course are not at all happy.

Episode 9: Team Biologist gets the thrill of a lifetime – Few people ever see these animals in the wild.

Episode 9: We finally get to view camera trap images in search of the lost tiger population in the Andaman Islands.

Episode 10: Team Biologist travels to Hong Kong to understand why there is so much demand for shark fin.

Episode 10: Flying surveillance over Mischief Reef, the most disputed area of the South China Sea.

Episode 10: Team Biologist visits the crazy Hong Kong Restaurants where everything is for sale.

Episode 10: We catch a Vietnamese boat fishing illegally in the Philippines with over 15 ton of illegally taken fish. The crew had 3 small tender vessels and would dive on huka systems at night spearing fish in the corals. We were horrified at the sheer number of endangered and protected fish they had taken.

Triple Crown: A boating event raised funds for us in  2018.  Here is the video we put together for them.

Trailer Season II: Here is the original trailer for Season 2 of “The Operatives”, that we filmed in Asia. Our US Network (Participant Media) also made their own trailer which is at the top of this page. There is a real art to making good trailers. The key is good footage to begin with of course.

Earthrace has undertaken over a hundred conservation missions over the last few years. Of these, the mission above is the one we are proudest of. There is a just a hand-full of people on the planet that have successfully rescued and released a captive dolphin – With this mission we joined the elite group. Such covert campaigns are impossible to solicit publicly for funds. We rely instead on general donations and our tribe to support such activity. If you think a team that has successfully rescued and rehabilitated a dolphin is worthy of your support, please consider making a donation, or better still, joining our tribe. And make sure you watch the episode.

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