About Earthrace
Earthrace is a non-profit that works on various conservation missions around the world that save animals and save habitat. Campaigns target wildlife smugglers, wildlife poachers, illegal logging and illegal fishing. We’ve completed 2 seasons of our TV Show “The Operatives” that raises awareness about important conservation issues. We run training camps for government teams and NGOs involved in wildlife protection. We promote conservation issues through public speaking and social media. We’re building a 60m Superboat “EARTHRACE-2” to become our new ocean patrol vessel and base of operations. Below are some cool videos highlighting our work, and the images above will link you with our history, past and present campaigns, our new boat, and lots more. Also below is a list of just a few of our successful missions. You can also support us by Donating, and following our Social Media Platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). And make sure you Register for our E-Newsletter.

Captain Bethune was recently featured in a “Tales from NZ” documentary. Above is the resulting video. While it’s more focused on the Captain and his personal journey, it is still a great summary of a lot of work that Earthrace does.

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