Press Release.  9th January 2021.  For immediate release
Captain Pete Bethune was today released from hospital, some 2 weeks after being bitten by a deadly ferdelance snake.
According to Bethune he is “just happy to be alive.  When I first got bitten I thought I was a dead man.  We were so far from any help.  After crawling down various rock faces and waterfalls, I started getting heart palpitations, and then I just wanted to sleep.”
Bethune says he has no recollection of the coastguard voyage that got him to hospital, nor the first few days of treatment. “All I remember was waking up one day, looking at my left leg, and admiring how large it had gotten.  At the time I never realised the significance.  If it got any bigger they would have operated on the leg, and there was a good chance I’d lose it.
Bethune was picked up from hospital today by his crew at 5pm local time.  He remains with a catheter. He can walk short distances without assistance.  Tonight he is back on his ship the “Modoc”, which is anchored up in the Gulfo Dulce.
Bethune was especially grateful to hospital staff and emergency services that quite literally saved his life.  Costa Guard, Red Cross, the Ambulance Service, and his crew all did an outstanding job getting him to hospital as quickly as they did.  One of the Doctors said another hour before reaching hospital and Bethune would have been dead.
There remains significant tissue damage, especially around the calf.  The leg also remains extremely swollen.  Bethune says he is worried the leg will never be the same again.  “There is a chance I may never be up to jungle patrols again.  But a couple weeks ago I thought I was a dead man.  And if I can no longer be on patrol…  Well that’s better then being 6ft under”.
Captain Bethune with his daytime Medical staff