We work alongside Costa Rican and Panamanian government Rangers on joint patrols protecting marine National Parks.  We provide a ship, smaller tactical vessels, military UAV, personnel fuel and food.  Operations include surveillance of coastal MPAs, and more recently  monitoring the massive CMAR MPAs further offshore (MORE).  We also support Costa Rican Rangers in terrestrial National Parks with a K9 tracking dog and handlers.  In most cases the operations are targeting illegal activities such as wildlife poaching, illegal mining and illegal logging.

Historically our work has focussed on various conservation areas that save wildlife or habitat.  In most campaigns we work alongside government teams, providing assets, resource, personnel and expertise. Much of this is fisheries enforcement, especially targeting foreign vessels fishing illegally, or people engaged in destructive fishing.  We target wildlife smuggling rings, wildlife poachers, illegal loggers and illegal gold miners. We also run missions to rescue and release illegally held animals such as dolphin and monkeys. A small sampling of these missions is found in the videos below. More details can be accessed by clicking on the banner images above. If you just want a really quick summary of what we do, watch the large video at the bottom of this page.

A few of our Successful Fishery Missions
*  Caught Vietnamese Boat with 15 ton of illegal fish (2015)
*  Caught fleet of 15 illegal fishing vessels including 3 purse seiners (2018)
*  Caught the Dan Israel R, an illegal pirate fishing vessels (2017)
*  Caught 7 boats fishing illegal in Cocos Is. MPA (2013)
*  Caught illegal bottom trawler in Guanacaste (2013)
*  Caught fishermen using dynamite in Philippines (2017)
*  Caught fishermen using cyanide in Philippines (2017)
*  Caught fishermen using folidol poison in Amazon (2018)

Various other Successful Missions
*  Exposed the brutal Seal Clubbing in Namibia (2012)
*  Exposed 2 illegal logging operations in Sumatra (2015)
*  Exposed numerous illegal logging operations in Amazon (2017-2018)
*  Closed 2 illegal wildlife smuggling operations in Indonesia (2015)
*  Captured and released a dolphin being held illegally in Indonesia (2015)
*  Closed 2 illegal gold mining operations in Costa Rica (2015)
*  Rescued a pangolin that was to be sold to a wildlife trader (2015)
*  Trained various Ranger teams in Asia, Africa and Central America


The video above is a demo reel we put together for one of the conferences that Captain Bethune spoke at recently. It’s a great summary of the work we do, and has brief details on many of our missions, as well as our early history.

Our habitat missions focus on catching illegal gold miners or illegal loggers. In the mission above, we captured some people mining illegally in a National Park, however this was only after our team came under gunfire from the miners as they tried to escape (more).

Video above is from one of our most successful fishery enforcement missions. We busted 7 boats in a single night, all fishing illegally in the Cocos Island Marine Reserve. Most fishery missions we run in partnership with local government units (more).

Wildlife smuggling is an area we have started to work more on recently. In the mission above, we bust a wildlife trafficking ring in the Philippines, that was smuggling turtles and pangolin to China. Some missions overlap in to the illegal pet trade (more).

One of our earliest Animal Welfare missions involved breaking into a heavily guarded diamond mine and covertly filming the barbaric seal clubbing. Footage formed the basis of our Pilot TV episode. You can watch the full mission here.

Anti-poaching is among the most grueling of all conservation work. Much of it is long hikes in hostile jungles, removing snares, and trying to locate heavily armed poachers. In the mission above, we sadly came across an elephant carcass that had been poached.


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