heading for the Jungle

In 2013, Earthrace ran a series of Conservation missions in Costa Rica and West Africa.  Missions included targeting illegal trawling, illegal longlining, protection of Marine Protected Areas, illegal gold mining, and the illegal harvesting of turtle eggs.  With a team of 25, half a dozen ex-military personnel, a full film crew, and over a million dollars, we tackled some really challenging situations, including a couple of gunfights, abuse,victories, arrests and failures. The story will be told in the upcoming series of “The Operatives”, which is in the final stage of post-production now.  Here is the TV Series Trailer:


We’re now looking for new missions for 2014 and beyond.  If you have a possible conservation mission that meets the criteria below, and you think a hard-core team of military lads and volunteers might be able to tackle it, then please send us a message.

Criteria for the missions are as follows:

·      Must be a conservation mission

·      May be land or water based

·      There must be illegal activity happening

·      There should be a lack of enforcement by local teams

·      Ideally it would be a cause worthy of profiling in a TV Series

·      Can be any location around the world·

·      We’re happy to work alongside other NGOs

If you have anysuggestions then message us direct. There are no right or wrong answers on this.  We’ll look into all suggestions.