Each year in Namibia, a legal seal harvest quota targets 85,000 seal pups and 6,000 adult bulls. It is the largest slaughter of its kind and considered the most brutal.

Officially responsible for the death of more seals than the Canadian seal harvest, the harvest takes place during a season that runs between July and November.

The harvest is carried out in three main areas — Cape Cross, Wolfe Bay and Atlas Bay. Cape Cross is a well known seal watching area for up to 50,000 visitors a year, promoted extensively by tourism companies and the Namibian Tourist Authority whose 2011 promotional slogan is ‘Only in Namibia’.

Earthrace UK protested outside the Namibian High commission (London) in 2011, we went back again in 2012 with more people and will continue to protest, rally support and raise awareness until the slaughter stops.

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