There have been some people critical of my recent visit to the Faroes.  Some criticism stems from the fact that we met with locals who support the grind.  Virtually everyone there supports it.  So if we won’t talk to them, we will just end up talking to ourselves.  I believe it is important to know the local opinions to understand the problem. and maybe from that we are better informed on what may lead to a long term solution. Certainly a visit to the islands 20 years ago, or never having visited the place, does not make you an expert on the islands today. nor does my recent visit of course.  But i’d like to think I am better informed now having made the effort to meet the people there and discuss the issues.

we were also criticised for not bagging the locals.  I found them to be really nice people.  maybe they are not so nice when whales turn up in their harbor, but everyone we met there, without exception, were kind and respectful to us, despite our opposing views.  I am not going to turn around now and say they are wankers and assholes because they are not.  they are nice people.  it is just that they have a custom called the grind that I am opposed to.  but outside of that, I have no problem with the people themselves.

to stop the faroese from doing the grind is like stopping the english from following football.  It is a big challenge.  and there are no quick and dirty solutions.  It will be a long term campaign that will gradually shift things.

I have no problem fighting people in the streets if that is what is the best option.  But i do not believe this will assist in stopping the grind at all.  If other organizations want to take this approach then that is their business.  But I will not be part of pitched street battles and brawls in Torshaven when i believe it is the worst thing that we can do.  But I am happy to be part of a campaign that works with locals to bring awareness about the health affects of whale meat, about reduced tourism and trade, and other negative impacts that long term will impact the faroes if they do continue with the grind.