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Let no one doubt that the Faroese will uphold the right to use the resources of the ocean on a sustainable level. All hunt should of course be under organized/administered methods, and the Faroese grind is indeed that. We treasure the sustainability, and will not hunt endangered species. The grind is not endangered. We highly treasure animal welfare. When animals, including the pilot whale, are killed, great effort is taken to make it quick and efficient. We highly treasure the nature and the animals that live in it – both on land, and in the sea.

Now when people have come from abroad to protest the grind, we should also remember that we treasure freedom of speech and writing highly. We support an open and democratic society, where people have the right to disagree. People have a right to protest. Foreigners as well as the Faroese. Therefor we should show respect/patience; and the famous Faroese hospitality continues to be a virtue we should treasure. But those who would protest the grind should also respect the right of those who use their lawful right to participate in the grind. It is one thing to protest, but if the laws of the country are broken, and people harass property and other people, it is the responsibility of the police to take care of it, in order to uphold the law.

Although, let me repeat, that even as it is fully legit to kill whales under organized circumstances on the Faroe Islands, it is also fully legit for those who disagree to speak their mind and protest in a peaceful matter. This is said as I trust both parties will show the other respect, and with a reminder that it does not pay to hurt others in order to force your opinion. With laws we build a country, and with respect/patience we build a democracy.

Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen

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