The Operatives is a team of former military personnel that assist developing countries with anti-poaching, protection of endangered wildlife, and fisheries enforcement. The unit is deploying to South East Asia for 4 months, commencing 15th Feb 2015.  We are looking for additional personnel to join our unit for this period.Asia deployment - Offshore, coastal, swamp and Jungle missions.


Asia deployment – Offshore, coastal, swamp and Jungle missions.

We prefer people from Army Ranger, Delta, SEAL, Force Recon, SBS, or SAS units.  We also consider candidates from other units that have the right skills and attitude to complement our existing team.

The missions are filmed as part of “The Operatives” TV series which airs on Pivot in USA, and also in Europe and New Zealand. So the candidate must be accepting of cameras as part of the work.  There is a day rate, 4 days per month leave, and all expenses are covered. The pay is not what you can get kicking down doors in the sand, but it is OK.  Successful candidates don’t deploy with us for the money, but rather the opportunity to contribute to a cause, to find something outside the military that utilises their skill sets, and for an amazing experience in one of the most extraordinary places on earth.

The following experience is advantageous:

  • Covert surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Operation of RIBs and Zodiacs
  • CCR
  • Static line and free-fall
  • UAV operations
  • Hostile vessel boarding
  • CQB
  • Jungle Operations

The most important aspect though is a willingness to accept difficult and uncomfortalbe conditions, challenging missions, and extended periods in a small team.  Also a positive attitude despite the mosquitos, MREs, rain, mud, stench, and generally shit conditions.  The FOB is nice, but many missions are not.  If you are looking for a holiday camp then this deployment is not for you.  But if you are looking for an amazing opportunity to be part of something special, and in a role that values your existing skills, then send CV / resume in confidence to

Below is a link to the trailer for Series 1.  The Asia deployment is for Series 2 which will air late in 2015.
Series 1 trailer: