In addition to our TV Show “The Operatives“, we produce a range of other quality media that engage people and raise important conservation issues. Captain Bethune gives numerous radio, TV and print media interviews. He also does public speaking at conferences, fundraisers and other events. We produce videos and material for delivery on social media platforms, as well as other TV Production companies. Team members regularly write blogs about topics of the day. The images above will take you to our pages covering blogs, public speaking, social media and video content. Also here is a link to our YouTube Channel which has playlists covering various elements of our work (make sure you subscribe).

Radio New Zealand Interview
Captain Bethune gave this radio interview after being knifed in Brazil recently. The team had been following the illegal pet trade down the Amazon to Macapa in Brazil where the attack happened.

TEDx Talk 2018
Captain Bethune gave the final talk at TEDx Auckland 2017, and received a standing ovation. It was a very difficult time for the Captain, having come within inches of losing his life in the Amazon.  Here is the full talk.


Our TV Show
We have produced 18 episodes of compelling Conservation television (The Operatives).  Here is the “Dolphin Rescue” mission, free, and in its entirety.

Captain Bethune has made a few podcasts over the years.  These days he rarely gets time to pursue them.  It’d be fair to say, podcasts are not his strongest suit.  Here is ont of them.  You be the judge.

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