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Captain Pete Bethune is an extraordinary public speaker, in part because he has so many experiences to draw on. How does a man with no military experience end up leading a group of US Navy SEALs, Marines, and SAS Commandos, into some of the world’s most hostile places? His team has come under gunfire on multiple occasions, he’s been knifed twice, run over by Japanese Whalers, bitten by South America’s deadliest snake, and imprisoned in Libya, Guatemala and Japan. He’s patrolled the world’s remotest jungles, its biggest rivers, and its most dangerous seas. Captain Bethune combines breathtaking passion and audacity, with an uncommon drive to make the world a better place.

He recently gave the final address at TEDx in Auckland and received a standing ovation (Video is above). He has also given keynote addresses at a number of events and conferences, a few of which are listed below. Most of his speaking focuses on conservation, sustainability, leadership, and motivation. For corporate events, companies make a donation to Earthrace Conservation in exchange for the Captain’s time. This ranges from US$2,000 to US$20,000, depending on the event location, audience, budget, and nature of the talk. If you would like to have the Captain speak at your event please email us.

Charity Events
We sometimes provide speakers for charity events, either free of charge, or where our travel expenses are covered. We’ve supported rescue services such as Coastguard and RNLI, non-profits such as Greenpeace and WWF, and government events that focus on environmental issues where we have areas of mutual interest. Most government events would relate to fisheries, protection of wildlife, or habitat destruction through illegal logging and mining.

School Talks
During the original Earthrace tour (2006-2010), Captain Bethune and crew spoke at over 700 Schools across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He focuses on conservation, and standing up for what we believe in. These days he still speaks at Schools where the schedule permits. Most schools make a donation to Earthrace Conservation in exchange for the talk. The video above was from a small school in New Zealand where the kids all got up afterwards and did an impromptu haka.

At a recent fundraiser we were asked to produce an uplifting 3-minute video to close the event. The resulting video is above, with all footage taken from our TV show The Operatives.

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