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We have already been successful in closing down several illegal pet smuggling operations, but there is so much more we can do. We are returning to the Amazon soon targeting the pet traders that facilitate the illegal export of high value animals such as monkeys, puma and jaguar. But we need your support to make […]

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We have caught, arrested and prosecuted so many boats fishing illegally, but the reality is we need donations to fund this work. We are increasingly focusing on illegal fishing by foreign vessels, and destructive fishing such as dynamite, cyanide, and bottom trawling. We’ve been hugely successful in the field already, but we can do so […]

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We are building an awesome new vessel “EARTHRACE-2” to substantially extend our work in marine conservation. It will target illegal fishing by foreign vessels, waterborne wildlife smuggling, and training local fishery enforcement units – All extensions of our existing campaigns. But we need your support to make this happen. Please “DONATE” now.

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Our team closed 2 wildlife smuggling rings in Asia – One was trafficking critically endangered pangolin to China, while the second was smuggling endangered forest turtles. Our recent campaign in the Amazon has seen us targeting the illegal pet trade. It is possible to buy almost any wild Amazonian animal as a pet, including monkeys, […]

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