The worst Job in the World

  • 90 days deployment without a single day off
  • Long days and long nights and little sleep
  • Minimal communication options with the outside world
  • Middle of the wet season – yes it is hot and sticky
  • No Luxuries
  • No alcohol
  • No designer coffee
  • Mosquito ridden territory
  • Croc and bull shark infested waters
  • Snake infested jungles
  • Working with a bunch of grumpy ex- special forces who will demand a lot of you
  • Pay your own travel, airfares and meals ($2,500)
  • … and the meals are not amazing

If that might be OK for you, then consider volunteering with us.  The deployment is for 90 days.  July 13 to Oct 11th 2013.

The campaign is targeting pirate fishing fleets that wreak havoc along the coasts of West Africa and Latin America.  At the core of the unit is a group of ex special forces who work with government sanction on catching illegal fishing vessels operating inside territorial waters.

There is also a film crew documenting the missions and telling the story of what is really happening in the fisheries of developing countries.

Your job will be to assist the tactical team and film crew to make their jobs easier.  The camp will have 25 people – you will be just one of an amazing group of people who give a shit about the planet and who want to help it.

If you have a decent skill set then tell us about it.  We want people who can contribute in various ways, rather than just a warm body to eat, shit and sleep.  If you have maritime skills, UAV skills, Operational skills…  then tell us.

There is no fee for applying, and applicants will get an answer within one week.  But make sure you can get the time off and have the funds before applying.  Send us a letter (maximum 2 pages) of what skills you have and why you would make a good addition to the team.  applications should be sent to