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We have amazing news, and an awesome opportunity for you. We’ve just completed the purchase of a superb vessel, the Modoc, which is now our main conservation ship, and base of operations. And we’re looking for volunteers to come and help us refit and crew her. People often ask me how can they get involved? – well this is how… Come help us make this great boat, awesome.

Modoc – The former US Navy and US Coastguard Ship is now our Base of Operations. This could be your new home!

Modoc is currently close to Seattle (Washington, USA) where we have a team working on her. Soon we’ll be taking her to Mexico where we’ll pull her from the water and complete the refit. We need lots of help to make this all happen, and this is where you come in. We’re looking for volunteers to come work on this ship, live on this ship, and ultimately, help us deliver on our core mission of protecting marine wildlife.

In terms of volunteers we are looking for a range of people. The most important factor is attitude. Positive people who enjoy working in teams, are hard-working, tolerant of conditions, and accepting of other people’s culture and beliefs, generally make the best volunteers. Skills are also important, and we need lots of these, including carpentry, engineering, cooking, admin, social media, hustling, ninja… All sorts. If you have the time, can get yourself to Seattle, are prepared to live on a ship and help make the world a fractionally better place, then email pete.bethune@gmail.com and lets make it happen.

Our ship (The Modoc) has a long and colorful history. She was launched in 1944 and served for 25 years as a US Navy ship, starting in World War II. She then spent 25 years for the US Coastguard, patrolling waters from Alaska down to California. Here is her full history.

We have big plans for this ship, and the links below will help you fill in the gaps.
Our Fisheries Enforcement
Our Training of Government Enforcement Teams
Our various Assets
What we Do Video
Our TV Show

If you think you have what it takes, and are willing to come to Seattle, send me an email

Captain Pete Bethune
Phone +1 (310) 309-9504
Whats App: +642102188188

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