The day before the resumption of the notorious dolphin drives in Taiji Cove, Japan on 1 September 2012.

We joined many others, individuals and groups, to voice our opposition to the slaughter of hundreds of wild dolphins, and the trade in live captures to marine parks and aquariums.

The protest had huge support from passing traffic and pedestrians – and it closed the Embassy down for the duration which hopefully inconvenienced the Japanese officials inside.

You can still do something to help by adding your name to the almost 1/2 million who have already signed this petition: and by sharing this video.

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Many thanks as ever to Rob Barrett for his great video work, and to everyone who made the effort to attend and who continues the fight to end the dolphin drives.

No capture, no slaughter.
Captivity kills.
Don’t buy a ticket to marine parks and aquariums housing captive whales or dolphins.